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Intro to Robotics and Visual Programming

This is the first course in our Robotics Progression

What you'll learn

Week 11

Program introduction and robot construction

Week 9

Week 1

Creating your first program to drive your robot

Week 8

Week 2

Week 10

Detecting and reacting to an object, part 1

Week 12

Week 3

Detecting and reacting to an object, part 2

Revisit previous challenges to lock in concepts

Week 4

Scrimmage with other FutureLeague teams

Detecting and responding to touch, part 1

Finalizing your robot design

Week 5

Competition prep

Detecting and responding to touch, part 2

Competition day!

Week 6

Check out students preparing for the Fall 2016 competition

Competition analysis and optimizing your build for points

Week 7

Robot Missions

At the end of the event there will be a brief trophy presentation, followed by category-specific presentations to highlight teams that stood out in each of the three competition areas. Winners in each area will be given the opportunity to share their work in a non-judged, interview-style format, so that everyone can continue to learn from each other.

Kids will build, test, and program an autonomous robot using LEGO Mindstorms technology to solve a set of missions. Each mission has a different point value, so participants will have to make critical decisions about which ones to go after, taking into account the likelihood of success, time involved, and point values.

Project Expo

The Competition

Teams will participate in an open exhibition to share their robot design strategy, as well as the innovative solution they developed for the Fall FLL competition. Each team will be given a set time to exhibit while a panel of judges goes around to each team to ask questions about their process.

The purpose of this open event is to allow each team to show off their hard work, practice their presentation skills, and share their solutions with the rest of the community. This way, kids can get learn and get inspired by how other teams approached similar challenges in completely different ways.

Critical Thinking Team Challenge

Award Ceremony

The team challenge is a one hour engineering and design-thinking activity that will take place on-site during the day of the competition. It will not involve programming or any specific technical skills. Instead, the challenge will be a surprise so that participants can display their teamwork and critical thinking skills with little advanced preparation.

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Important dates

Cohort 1 begins

Dedicated coaching

Cohort 2 begins

20+ hours of instruction using the FutureLeague curriculum 

Saturday, March 18th

Spring 2017 FutureLeague Robotics Tournament

All LEGO Mindstorms materials

What's included?

Robotics competition board

Saturday, January 21st

Participation in the season-end robotics tournament

Saturday, April 22nd

Scrimmages will be held for teams planning to participate in the robotics tournament. This is an optional opportunity for extra practice in a tournament setting

FutureLeague t-shirts

Saturday, February 4th

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Engineering and programming workshops for kids, focusing on hard tech skills as well as soft skills like teamwork, creativity and design thinking.

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