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Get Future League's 12-box Lego Mindstorm Challenge box series - every box is sent right to your door so your kids can progress through the challenges, earn badges and have fun.

Watch Your Kids Learn Robotics at Home! 

(on their own!)

What's in Box 1?

  • 3' x 5' Custom Future league FLL Mat
  • All the Legos you need for the challenge
  • Challenge components
  • Access to FutureLeague's online robotics platform
  • Access to robotics live coaches & online support
  • Online education community to get feedback & learn
  • Robot NOT included -- purchase separately 

Kids in Grades 1-8

See your kids concentrate like you've never seen before

Turn Screen Time into FUN time-- you can facilitate your kids at home . Join thousands of kids around the US and be part of the FutureLeague community!

FIRST LEGO League competition

Monitor your child's progress through your adult account, see the challenges they're working on and have 24/7 support.

Kids all over the country are already doing challenges and learning together. Now they can bring FutureLeague home. Different levels for different age and ability groups.

Earn badges & Share Videos Online

Kids love it!

As your FutureLeaguer completes boxes, they  earn badges and show off their progress to their friends and teams. Interact and share videos of accomplishments.

All of our boxes come with directions, access to an online moderated community, robotics teachers and curated lessons that progress.

Guided learning

Safe & fun

Watch this quick video

and meet our founder

Meet Our Founder, Emmie Chang

Submit a video of the challenge solution to unlock the next challenge. Learn and share with our private social network, then submit more videos to level up!

Each box includes 5+ hours

of self-paced LEGO Mindstorms Education. Progress and level up your skills (12 levels), prep for competitions such as FLL or WRO

Start with Box 1, Then Level Up 

Receive all materials (provide your own robot) including special LEGO pieces for each challenge. It's robotics education in a box!

Stacey Cooper, Daughter 10

"I bought the EV3 Robot for my daughter, she played with it for 1 day and It sat there gathering dust. Now, with FutureLeague challenge boxes, my daughter can't get enough robotics! She spent 5 hours last Saturday playing with it on her own!

"My Son is a First Lego League veteran and has lots of experience in robotics. He found the Challenge Box fun, and loved taking videos of his robot in action to share with the community. We can't wait for the next box!"

This is the best option for a gender-neutral, and fun STEM experience, at home

Ramona Sun, Son, 9

Alvin Wang, Son 12

"My son was completely new to robotics. He took to it on his own--with very minimal guidance and has not stopped working on Challenge 1 since it got to my home! Can't wait to see additional boxes and the challenges!

Get FutureLeague's 12-box Lego Mindstorm Challenge box series - every box is sent right to your door so your kids can progress through the challenges, earn badges and have fun.


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